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Blow job

T.163 B.88 () /W.57 /H.88
T.158 B.86 () /W.57 /H.84
T.168 B.89 () /W.60 /H.90
T.170 B.90 () /W.58 /H.92
T.158 B.83 () /W.54 /H.83
T.158 B.83 () /W.57 /H.85
T.162 B.82 () /W.58 /H.85
T.173 B.86 () /W.84 /H.110
T.162 B.84 () /W.56 /H.85
T.160 B.84 () /W.56 /H.82


You can pay by cash or credit card.

For cash

After the woman arrives, pay in advance
You can pay even cash of the US dollar and the euro.


For credit cards

Immediately after reception, proceed on the dedicated page.
※Women will be dispatched after confirming the completion of the procedure.