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Age 21
Size T.163 B.88 () /W.57 /H.88
Charm point Bosom
Erogenous zone Nipple
Good Service
Smoking status
Message from the girl I like gentle man. I want to enjoy talking with you, while fulfilling your desire to heal you. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Comment from the shop

Premiere! Slender! Nice breasts! I shuddered at that high-spec girl who suddenly appeared! It is the strongest beautiful girl who has three elements that can be sold with fierce kawa, slender, Nice breasts ♪ No longer platinum-level rarity value! This is only ♪ a hopeful thing. If you smile at me like a young girl, you will definitely fall in love! You can rub it, you can bury your face, you can suck, It's up to ♪ you The sensitivity of the whole body is also gently blamed by the thump, and it immediately becomes wet and ♪ wet And serve hard for customers because of their serious personality! It's ♪ an emotional level. There is no mistake in calling our favorite girl!!! Please meet her once!!!


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